I’m Liza McMahon

Transition Coach/Stress Management Consultant

Managing Stress By Transforming The Drama Of Life

For Individuals

Are you:

  • Dealing with a challenge that seems insurmountable?
  • Experiencing a difficult transition?
  • Seeking a change?
  • Feeling stuck or confused?

For Groups

Is your group experiencing:

  • Difficulty communicating, interacting and taking action
  • Ongoing conflict
  • Inability to move forward
  • Gossip and/or defensive behavior
  • An inability to define desired outcome


Ready to quiet that inner critic and step into the who you believe you could be? Shift your mindset! Revolutionize the way you think, interact and take action on your biggest challenges.


Workshops are intensive, customizable educational programs. Workshops are designed to be interactive, allowing for individual as well as group learning opportunities to interact wisely, make strategic decisions and co-create an optimum path to success.


Retreats are two-day or three-day events of deep dive sessions crafted for groups to make sustained performance improvements in clarity, decision making, promise-based management, visionary leadership, and gracious accountability skills.


For individuals or groups, an 8-module e-course blended with 6 – coach facilitated virtual meetings and a accountability partner to transform the drama in your personal and professional life.

What Is Transition Coaching?

Transition coaching provides support in the face of change. The change can come by choice or by force. The coach helps individuals or groups cope with the fears and doubts that arise. The current situation is explored. Communication and emotional skills needed to manage change are developed. Desired outcomes are created and clarified. Collaborating with the coach ensures decisions are made in alignment with your values and aspirations; gaining better results with less drama.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Gain clarity and insight into what drives their behavior.
  • Acquire skills for effective communication.
  • Transform drama into empowered relationships.
  • Opt for growth-solutions creating meaningful outcomes.

Upcoming Events

The Re-Envisioned Parent

Have you found yourself providing care for your aging parent? Struggling with the transition into this next phase of life? Caught in a cycle of inner drama and old habits? Discover how to transform that drama into an opportunity to grow and bond with your loved one. The Re-Envisioned Parent Workshop will be a hybrid program at the Windsor Public Library Monday, October 17th, 2022, at 6:30. Participants can either join us in person at the library or login from home using Zoom. Registration Required. Free. 860-285-1918. To register, please visit https://www.windsorlibrary.com/adult/sign-up-for-a-program/

Parenting: Launching or Tossing

Find yourself in a power struggle with your young adult as they transition into their next phase of life? Are you seeing yourself as a coach but coming across as a rescuer or persecutor? What seems to be a simple question instantly becomes fodder for warfare? Emerge from this phase with strategies to improve your relationship with your loved one. Workshops available Fall 2022.

Caring for the Caregiver

Are you a health professional overwhelmed on the brink of burn out? Feeling persecuted by administration, colleagues, and patients? Managing to get through your day, but there is an absence of satisfaction? Assess your current reality, identify, and strategize triggers, as you develop an action plan leading to your desired outcome. E-course to start Fall 2022.

Who Am I?

I am a practitioner of The Empowerment Dynamic and Theatre of the Oppressed with the goal of transforming the drama of life as it impacts professional and personal lives. There is nothing like a transition to introduce drama into one’s life.

I have been a registered nurse since 1987. In that time, I navigated various professional transitions, Operating Room Nurse, Educational Supervisor, School Nurse, Author and University faculty. No one lives solely in the professional realm, so my personal transitions have included but not limited to; maintaining a loving marriage, raising and launching two children, one on the autistic spectrum, and caring for aging parents. I am a work in progress, a mediocre marathon waddler, a wannabe Appalachian Trail section hiker, and an explorer of life’s opportunities.


“My biggest take away is the idea that I have the ability to choose who I want to be not only in my own life, but to the people around me.”

“To make myself more of a creator and coach than victim & persecutor, to have a more successful and happy life.”

“Happiness is the journey to the goal, not the achievement.”

Don't Wait Any Longer. Start Transforming Your Life Today!