Knowing your why is the trendy topic of the moment. Coaches of all types ask the question. One reason is that it makes sense to know why you are doing something; be it how you spend your time, the reason you are spending money or putting that cookie in your mouth. It is not as easy as one would think. What is my why?
The initial thoughts that surface are to provide a place for me to continue practicing and sharing the concepts and tools that have meant so much to my growth as a professional and personally. An abstract sentence, but what does it mean? What is the growth specifically? My relationships, health, and productivity have all improved. I moved from being reactive ALL the time to being pro-active and shifting to being reactive when needed. I found a way to view obstacles, challenges, and missteps as learning opportunities. I have learned how to move away from ego driven behaviors to be more present. This has led to more empathetic, authentic conversations.
The drama has not been eliminated and I can still find myself playing the starring role. But I am aware that I am in drama, recognizing my contribution to its perpetuation. More importantly I can find my way to the tools I need to choose the role I will play, and the mindset required to take the next steps.
Have I answered the question “what is my why?” Not completely. Or have I? To provide a place to continue my practice and share in order to stimulate growth in myself and others. It is a simple statement, yet one that resonates with me for now. The key word being growth. As I grow the ‘why’ will too.