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Ready to quiet that inner critic and step into the who you believe you could be? Shift your mindset! Revolutionize the way you think, interact and take action on your biggest challenges.


Workshops are intensive, customizable educational programs. Workshops are designed to be interactive, allowing for individual as well as group learning opportunities to interact wisely, make strategic decisions and co-create an optimum path to success.


Retreats are two-day or three-day events of deep dive sessions crafted for groups to make sustained performance improvements in clarity, decision making, promise-based management, visionary leadership, and gracious accountability skills.


For individuals or groups, an 8-module e-course blended with 6 -coach facilitated virtual meetings and a accountability partner to transform the drama in your personal and professional life.

Individual and Small Group

Outcomes-focused personal coaching looks intensely at what it is you truly want or what you are aiming to achieve.

We dig deep into the reality of your current situation. We get honest about the gap between where you are and where you want to be; what supports you have in place already; and what is inhibiting you from getting there.

What you gain:

  • The ability to accomplish more in less time;
  • The support needed to move beyond the status quo;
  • A space to uncover what has been inhibiting you from achieving your dreams;
  • An accountability relationship to help you stay focused on your desired outcome;
  • A partner to springboard ideas with;
  • The confidence to know you are following your own path

Coaching Packages

Coaching packages may be shaped into a mix of both personal and professional coaching. When combined with the eCourse is a powerhouse for success. Packages can be shaped to meet your specific needs.


Workshops are intensive, customizable educational programs. Workshops are designed to be interactive, allowing for individual as well as group learning opportunities to interact wisely, make strategic decisions and co-create an optimum path to success.

The Empowerment Dynamic (TED*):
The Empowerment Dynamic is a method to inspire change developed by David Emerald. The heart of this work involves honestly assessing one’s current reality and shifting from a victim orientation to an empowered creator resulting in an action plan to achieve desired outcomes.
Benefits from TED*:

  • You are in control of situations rather than relying on the other party to rescue you.
  • The Empowerment mindset encourages you to act and get things done.
  • The Empowerment mindset allows you to avoid being manipulated or being manipulative in situations.
  • You will be focused on your objectives, whether in personal or professional matters.
  • The Empowerment Dynamic provides a vocabulary for navigating difficult topics.
TED* Sample Workshops:
  1. Where is My Focus?
    • Am I focusing on problems or outcomes?
  2. How am I Relating?
    • How am I relating to others, to my experience, and myself?
    • Am I producing or perpetuating drama or empowering others and myself to be more resourceful, resilient, and innovative?
  3. What Actions am I Taking?
    • Am I reacting to the problems of the moment or taking creative action in service to outcomes?
Theatre of the Oppressed (TO):
TO is an interactive, physical, and playful tool used to investigate situations in which basic rights are denied, personally and collectively. Theatrical debate is used to uncover the many possible alternatives to these real-life challenges. By imagining and rehearsing solutions together “onstage,” we prepare ourselves to take action” offstage.” This program empowers the participants to become catalysts for change in their own lives and communities. Every person is an actor in his or her own life: absolutely no theatre experience necessary.
TO Sample Workshops:
Intro to Theatre of the Oppressed (1.5 – 2 hours)
Number of Participants: Maximum: 30. Minimum: 12.
Engage in the core exercises from the arsenal of TO and participate in a theatre demonstration. These theatre games encourage “de-mechanization” of the body and the mind: when we are stuck in the patterns of action and thought, unable to freely be ourselves, secure our human rights, follow our own dreams, and be true leaders in our communities. Connecting the tool of TO to human rights and oppression as it affects your community through dialogue and brainstorming.

In-Depth Intro with Scene Development (5 – 7 hours)
Number of participants: Maximum: 30. Minimum: 12
A more in-depth exploration and application of Theatre of the Oppressed. Participants will create short scenes around community issues.
Technique is introduced, then Individuals share challenges faced. The group chooses, casts, improvises, and scripts these stories. Rehearsal techniques from the TO arsenal are used to develop the scenes. We collect found, recycled materials to create costumes and set. All artistic choices are made by the actors in each scene. Finally, we perform the forums, and the audience becomes involved as “spect-actors,” to offer interventions and alternatives to the problems. Thus, the entire community learns to address problems collectively and creatively.


Why a Retreat?

Drama is the number one obstacle for groups working together to achieve a goal. Drama sucks the energy, detracts focus, and impacts the morale of individuals and teams. All too often we are driven by our internal and external critics and that leads to toxicity. The tough part? Naming it. Recognizing it. It is like quicksand. Once you step into it you can lose your footing and get sucked under. It is a human response to the flight, fight, freeze, or appease mode. And the cost? Precious time, money, energy, relationships, desires, dreams.

Retreats are an opportunity to take on the challenge of transforming the drama. They are two-day or three-day events of deep dive sessions crafted for or groups to make sustained performance improvements in clarity, decision making, promise-based management, visionary leadership, and gracious accountability skills.


Learning Outcomes

In these empowering and insightful sessions based on the work of David Emerald in The Power of TED* and 3 Vital Questions, your team will learn to:
  • Acquire tools to prevent burnout and increase satisfaction and fulfillment;
  • Identify drama and understand the roles that allow it to thrive;
  • Become crystal-clear in your focus and shift your attention and actions towards your goals;
  • Learn a process and shared language to significantly improve productivity and build a solid foundation for future success.

Sample Agenda

Day 1

The Cost of Drama
  • Three Dimensions of Work
  • Challenge of Change
1st Vital Question – Where are you putting your focus?
  • FISBE, Orientations, and AIR
  • Commitment Behind the Complaint
  • 3 Levels of Listening
2nd Vital Question – How Are You Relating?
  • Dreaded Drama Triangle (DDT)
  • FISBE description of DDT roles
  • Noticing the DDT within
  • Introducing The Empowerment
  • Dynamic (TED*)

Day 2

Finish 2nd Vital Question – How Are You Relating?
  • TED* Review
  • FISBE of TED* Roles
  • Making Shifts Happen
3rd Vital Question – What Actions Are You Taking?
  • Dynamic Tension
  • Action Planning
  • The Seven Commitments


The e-course is appropriate for individuals or groups who want to transform the drama in their personal and professional lives. This 8-module e-course is blended with 6 coach facilitated virtual meetings and an optional partner accountability system.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Practical tools to recognize personal triggers in everyday dramas and how to shift into more empowering ways of relating to others;
  • How to relate more effectively with others when drama patterns show up;
  • Increase self-awareness and engagement by understanding how you think and relate to others;
  • The 3 empowering roles of creator, challenger, and coach, and how each role enables you to recover from reactive behaviors more quickly so you can refocus on what it is you do want;
  • Find renewed courage to make personal changes, to help you show up in life and at work with less stress and more ease, which will increase both your effectiveness and fulfillment;
  • To use 3VQ for inspired and creative decisions, even in the face of drama and uncertainty; and
  • To ignite your passion for life
Included in the course are 18+ video presentations, and an interactive downloadable workbook The workbook contains guidance and encouragement, goal setting and reflection exercises, a safe space to make observations and document steps toward desired outcomes. Reading the 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama is recommended, but optional. A course is typically 9 weeks in total.
Virtual Meetings:

There are 6 live 1-hour virtual meetings between Liza and fellow classmates to:

  • Review key concepts
  • Answer any questions
  • Discuss how to implement the material going forward

Accountability Partnership:
There is an option to be assigned an accountability partner using publicly available collaboration tools )like FaceTime, Marco Polo, Zoom) to connect to discuss insights and questions as desired while moving through the course.

The Modules:
Module 1 – What is the Cost of Drama? Understand the cost of drama in your life
Module 2 – Focus – FISBE Introduction Question #1 – Where are you putting your focus? Examine the importance of Focus, Inner State and Behavior
Module 3 – The Two Mindsets Increase your awareness of your own mindset when confronted with different challenges
Module 4 – Facing Life’s Dramas – The Roles We Play

Question #2 – How are You Relating?

Gain insight into the Dreaded Drama Triangletm (DDT)

Module 5 – Liberating Workplace Drama- Introducing TED* (The Empowerment Dynamic) Learn about the three distinct roles in this dynamic and how each is an “antidote” to the corresponding DDT roles
Module 6 – Making Shifts Happen Learn how you can catch yourself in the DDTtm roles and make a shift into the resourceful, resilient, and innovative roles of TED*.Learn to look at drama in a new light to change your response to challenging situations and co-create outcomes with others.
Module 7 – The Magic  of Dynamic Tension Question #3: What Actions are You Taking? Explore the concept of Dynamic Tension and the power of Baby Steps to create outcomes and make decisions.
Module 8 – Embrace the Journey – What Actions Will You Take? An overall summary of everything learned and how to apply the principles of 3 Vital Questions into your everyday life

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